Definitely one of the better “Dark Art” ink pushers on the planet Mr. Paul Booth

First a couple LARGE HQ flash sheets for ya!

Booth Flash Sheet3Booth Flash Sheet2Booth Flash Sheet1

Followed by some great example of his work!!!


As always ENJOY!!! and Paul….YOU ARE THE MAN!


Some full color bio examples found on-line. (Very Guy Aitchison like)

Would love to read the comments…. Tell us what needles you would use, machine set-ups, or power supply settings?

Let us find out once and for all if you know what you’re doing or not!

And by all means if you fall in the NOT category then you should shut up and listen to any of the valuable information you can pick up from an artist who KNOWS!


But for those of you who refuse to listen to that last statement we are here to be sure you at least gain a little knowledge and help to keep you from giving anymore BAD TATTOOS or worse yet doing PERMANENT damage to others!

If your just starting out  and needing inspiration, you’re gonna need some flash!

Here is a flash from Boog, with a little west coast flair on the modern tattoo machine…

Enjoy!… and if you have any image requests let us know and we’ll search the database and see what I can find you…

We have it all…We will continue to add flash art and cool tatt pics that we have or people submit to us so bookmark us, and keep coming back. The more you show interest the more we’ll post up STUFF!!!

Boog Flash

Bas Ass Tattoo Machine Flash

This blog is being created with one goal in mind…. To help every artist who has a passion for “pushing ink” gain important knowledge in a profession where information is CLOSELY guarded by leading artists.

This information being “sacred” is two-fold and I agree wholeheartedly with each by the way!

1) To prevent a  slacker from grabbing a tattoo machine or as he would say “Gun” and a power supply and ripping into his buddy’s skin causing scarring, infection, not to mention PAIN! Without first learning the important steps for preventing blood born disease spread as well as bacteria prevention, BEFORE they ever learn to set up a gun let alone use it! (again before anyone misreads what I wrote I COULD NOT AGREE MORE)

2) To allow for the more intimate and definitely in-depth training ONLY available through apprenticeship with a skilled tattoo artist who takes all the proper precautions themselves and is willing to tke you under their wing and teach you WHY you need to do ALL of the details you NEED to do when you are giving a tattoo.

This blog will DEFINITELY create a whirlwind of comments like “Quit helping Scratchers take short cuts” etc. BUT this site is more about making sure EVERYBODY regardless of skill level has the access to the information to make them a better artist and in turn make our entire industry that much BETTER. Education and PRACTICE are the only way to improve and to not have access to the info only makes it worse.

So feel free to check out this blog and share cool pics and links to other tattoo info. and comment on anything we post!

We will be adding “Tips of the day” and “cool tat pics” as we find them and anything else simply related to furthering the art and the industry….

AND maybe just maybe we can encourage both scratchers and pro’s to come together and share a little knowledge for all those interested so they in turn do LESS damage and become a better and more capable artist.